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Clans joining our server

WindOfWar DeadlyAngels
RemeDy Ancient
Dangers WaffenSS
LostAngels BlackPanthers
Commandos LastParadise
SouthStars RunAway
Navigatos Cannabis(CP)
Thunder Finest
Toxicphenomenon(CP) Hated
Immortals Caprice(CP)
Lagourito(CP) Barbarians
PitBull(CP) Standin

  • Posts

    • can you send me your skype private? 
    • speak at facebook .. i want to speak with you !
    • good fix, losing when people will use their macros they will kick or ban) it's brilliant) I've already been through this through))
      I'm just too lazy to put on 5 dedicated server software,
        there are packages that you will not prohibit)))
    • The droprate at bridge for enchants is sad.
      2 hour farm(spoil)- 1500 noble stones, 145 gem s, 3 ews, 1 beas, vesper caster. Little less than 1 hour farm(spoil) 600 noble stones, 33 gem s, earth crystal. the spoil rate was 1.3  according to .whoami sometimes had one more premium in the party making even higher but forgot to record that rate.
    • So, th dont have enough damage in pvp, its idiotism, when i hitting some guys on 200(AND ITS CRIT), th must have crit ~1.5k or more, i have enchanted skills, enchanted weapon, and anyway i hitting 200-700, its nothing in those game. Need to increase damage(and crit damage), or its useless proff(its not on other l2 servers, so think about it.) i understand, its hard to check everything, but anyway, u must understand, th is so powerfull proff for pvp, and crit on 200 or littlebit more, its b#llsh#t for l2 dmg.bmp
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