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Clans joining our server

WindOfWar DeadlyAngels
RemeDy Ancient
Dangers WaffenSS
LostAngels BlackPanthers
Commandos LastParadise
SouthStars RunAway
Navigatos Cannabis(CP)
Thunder Finest
Toxicphenomenon(CP) Hated
Immortals Caprice(CP)
Lagourito(CP) Barbarians
PitBull(CP) Standin

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    • Dear Players !!  We are glad to announce the historical L2 servers “ Thegame “ is back!!  We focus this time on 2 things: "LONG TERM SERVER" and "BOT PROTECTION" Our servers was prepared carefully, based on several years of research and experience with Lineage II, in order that the players really like and providing an incredible experience that you will never have on any other server. The authentic Thegame servers is online since 2006 and since then has been growing every day more and promoting all day, uninterrupted and guaranteed fun to all of our players. A lot of servers created with name “thegame” but was fake and they fail . Join us and we promise you stability , balance and big protection from ddos attacks ! Grand Opening 16 November 2018 Low Rate x15 Join Us! 
    •   Interlude x15   16 November 2018     Experience (EXP): x15 Skill Points (SP): x15 Adena: x7 Drop Items: x7 Quest Experience (EXP): x2 Quest Skill Points (SP): x3 Quest Drop Items: x2 Spoil: x7   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Safe Enchant: +3 Max. Enchant: +25 Normal Scroll chance: 52% Blessed Scroll chance: 60%   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Buffs, Dances and Songs duration: Retail Buffs Slots: 24 (20 +4)   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Server and Forum Time: GMT +2 Max. Clients per PC: 3 Olympiads Max. Enchant: +6 Olympiads Cycle: 2 Weeks ANTI-BOT Protection:  Report System:    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Sub-Class Max. Level:  80 Lv Class Master  Offline Shop Mode  Offline Buff Shop Mode  Auto Learn Skills  Auto Loot  Retail Raidboss Respawn  Auto TvT/LMS/Korean/CTF Events    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   "We are the history of Lineage since 2006" "The authentic TheGame servers are here"   Website:
    • Another update to match our server to the current rates.   1.Max boxes per IP increased from 3 to 5
      2.Added Event Coin for a special Premium to all new "TheGame" players
      3.Registration for sieges limited to 1 castle
      4.Erease skill is now under normal rates of success
      5.Fixed Dragon Beast respawn [Thanks for all reports]
      6.Chances of passive skills are now adjusted
      7.Increased chances for dropping some items to match our server rates
      8.Players can now enter Beleth with 18 people instead of 36
      9.Darion can now drop Hellblade with a higher rate to match the server rates
      10.BEWS and BEAS drops are increased on 7RB quest
      11.PVP will now count every kill, not just 1 per IP
      12.Fixed Pet-Follow issue [Thanks for all reports]
    • Based on player's request & reports we have developed a list of priorities and changed numerous features on our server. Take note: The updates will blend the server's current features and will not alter our rates negatively but they will impact your gameplay. 1. Revita Pop has now been added on completing any Daily Challenge    
      2. Party difference [gap] level limit for XP increased to 20 levels
      3. Drop chances for Giants Codex books in Dragon Valley increased to match server's rates
      4. BEAS & BEWS in LoA increased to match server's rates    
      5. Added 10 times more XP in each daily to match server's rates    
      6. Tiat instance limit shrinked to 1 party to keep the server entertaining    
      7. Event list from .event now have half requirements to complete and one new riddle    
      8. SOA level requirement is now 65 from 80 for a better gaming alternative    
      9. Voting Box will also reward you with Revita Pop    
      10. Pursuit of Clan Ambition Quest fixed      We hope you enjoy our changes and keep supporting our expansion. We are aware of most of the other player's reports and we will keep updating the server very soon.
    • Updates and Fixes during the Open Beta Stage.  Added Clan Penalty for leaving or dissmising from Clan. PTS Skill's Engine. Added New Invidual Skill Enchantment from the Donation Store. All farming zones are PTS. Don't Know Don't Care Quest reworked to improve Clan and Parties Daily activities. .dressme Fixed and working as it should. Olympiad Geodata updated and fixed to improve better gameplay when you are inside arenas. Added New Clan Auto Rewards from NPC in Giran. Added Challange System. You will be able to accept daily challanges and get rewarded. Added .stream command for streamers and hourly reward. Added Master Account system from Website. Added GvG Tournament event Starting at 11/06/2018. Ant Queen will be Alive from tomorrow. Epics Will be avaiable from next week. Olympiad Starting date: Monday 21 of May First Server sieges: Sunday 20 of May
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