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    Based on player's request & reports we have developed a list of priorities and changed numerous features on our server. Take note: The updates will blend the server's current features and will not alter our rates negatively but they will impact your gameplay. 1. Revita Pop has now been added on completing any Daily Challenge 2. Party difference [gap] level limit for XP increased to 20 levels 3. Drop chances for Giants Codex books in Dragon Valley increased to match server's rates 4. BEAS & BEWS in LoA increased to match server's rates 5. Added 10 times more XP in each daily to match server's rates 6. Tiat instance limit shrinked to 1 party to keep the server entertaining 7. Event list from .event now have half requirements to complete and one new riddle 8. SOA level requirement is now 65 from 80 for a better gaming alternative 9. Voting Box will also reward you with Revita Pop 10. Pursuit of Clan Ambition Quest fixed We hope you enjoy our changes and keep supporting our expansion. We are aware of most of the other player's reports and we will keep updating the server very soon.
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    Го Скайп поговорим kapral_333 Андрей Богданов сочи
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    Давайте инбокс ребята, ВЛ, ТК, ДА, ПП, Кот или СВС, ваши предлы, маг паки и тем более кенсел маг паки сразу в андерворлд, вы не интересные. Только физ, лук, лимит паки. Рассмотрю фан-эпик-тру пакеты вроде танкопати, вл-пати, гладопати, гномопати и всё в этом духе (хотя таких на фри-андеграунд сервере наверное не найти, поэтому вы в приоритете) =} так же, если надо могу за джуда, в основе физ-мальчик СБ Знаю, поидее, все профы, на всех так или иначе, за 12 лет переиграл, знаю формулы расчёта урона, защиты, хила и прохождения дебаффов, о квестах и лоре л2 можно и не говорить.. Skype - freakshowstart Vk - https://vk.com/freakshownow Сразу говорю, если после старта сервера я резко пропал, это значит, что вы, по моему мнению, либо идиоты, либо слишком дохуя хотите на старте, либо тупые школьники, которые бегают кушать как только на вас мамка крикнула
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    +1 Cool guy worth to watch !!
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    Na euxithw kai apo tin meria mou kalh epitixia sto pio palio server tou L2 !!! Mas girna polla xroia pisw einai h alitheia me polu omorfes anamniseis elpizw na erthoun kai pali ta paidia pou epezan to the game esto kai gia na poun ena GEIA :}} kai ennoeitai pws h clan mas einai panta anoixtei se palious filous kai oxi mono ..
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    Kalos Irthate pedia ...! Balte ta dunata sas giati mazeutikan poloi rwsoi !! Tha einai diskola ... na kserete
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    We are organizing one very good tournament !! Stay Tuned..!
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    Beta server is running up stable and online. Make sure to download our Patch at the website or by clicking here: TheGame Patch Good luck in game!
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    Soon we are going to upload the system and open the OBT. The staff is making last fixes. Stay tunned!
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    Clan Event Clan's will get a Bonus Level up + bonus CRP depends the activity that they have For example: if they have 15 members online will get Clan level 6 and 10.000 Clan Reputation Point if they have 30 members online will get Clan level 7 and 20.000 Clan Reputation Point if they have 50 members online will get Clan level 8 and 40.000 Clan Reputation Point online clan members will be counted according to IP, second characters are not allowed