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  1. we re not flame just we like the server and want it to be stable! /peace
  2. hello, i support the server and really appriciate the effort that GM's and Admins are done since the promo and the live but the server these days got DDoS and mass DC per day today i already DC 4times and i was able to logg after 10-15mins.. i dont know if this happens to everybody or no but its rly annoying..
  3. guys the server is online? cannot enter stuck on logg screen
  4. so in Donation Shop ingame have dyna and moirai sets weps jewels, my question is in the future u will add new gears as well or no? i mean vesper vorpal etc.
  5. is the server online? i cannot enter stuck on logging screen
  6. Hello ppl, im gladly announce that Dangers Clan will join this server. We expect lot of us to join cause this server seems to be a good project and we ll support it with our companionship. Mostly we are friends who play together lot of years and we are closed group hard to beat us with a lot of experience on L2 H5 servers. Prolly by the needs of the server may we ll recruit some specific chars or - complete CPs which LF fun and a lot of PvPs. Thanks, cu in game.