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  1. Suggestion - not a bug

    my suggestion is that you add or modify a clan privilege so that ALL high ranking officers can use clan warehouse withdrawl feature. its a feature that many have wanted for years, it will make sharing clan items very simple, and even 10 years after lineage dies (if ever) people will remember that you made this amazing feature possible. if a clan cant trust a member with this privilege, then they dont have to grant their member access. if a clan gets ripped off, thats their own fault for giving and untrustworthy member access. please consider this feature, its not op, its not gamebreaking, its just a quality of life modification that will make life much easier for everyone. big clans, small clans, even soloers clans. guild crafter will love it and everyone will benefit! thank you for taking the time to read my suggestion.
  2. Olympiad

    remove con makes pf easier, not harder.
  3. Olympiad

    the problem with the heal is not that it happens, its when it happens. 10 or 20 seconds into waiting which is during the time that the pre frenzy procedure is going on. thats a problem because it gives less time to pre buff. and when blessed body wont proc, it sucks. i had this problem, and my work around was to get buffs from oly npc first, and use acumen for cast speed. so you must drop 1 fighter buff for acumen, or be lucky that blessed body casts. i vote remove the heal. its not useful because no one enters an oly fight with low hp anyways, and if ya do, you deserve to lose.
  4. that is good news im happy to hear it. yes the server message mentioned that items in donate shop were only for testing, but i just had to hear it from the mouth of a human. thanks again. time to dig in!
  5. From what i have read the premium donation membership grands some pretty cool but not gamebreaking p2w perks. bonus exp bonus sp bonus droprate some cool character options like name color, an auto enchant feature, and other quality of life benefits. and im ok with this i think its great, and it will entice me and my clan to support the server without being a p2w noob. however, i need to hear it from you, the GM's. that there will not be an option to donate for; Adena High end gear other features that would be OP compared to a free to play user. please clarify.