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  1. i dont know seems much people never played pts platforms to understand the diffrence but anyway thanks for the assistance.
  2. we will improve the quest drop rate and we will let you know about it.
  3. 1) All Buffs inclouding ressists possible malaria etc 2) no cat buffs 3) G2A,Paypal,Skrill,bank transfer for now..
  4. i already said that ressists will be not on buffer u wanted 3rd buffs on buffer we added them but ressists will be remain out.. so offline buffers can have a point in-game too
  5. gm shop sells jewels cuz it's beta on Opening everything will be seted to default no scrolls or epic jewels shop till B etc.
  6. https://prnt.sc/jx990g 3rd buffs like u wanted elemental forget will be removed dance/songs ren/champ added too
  7. all buffs will be on npc buffer 3rd buffs too expect ressists fair enough i think.
  8. about cancel we prepare something which we wont tell anything about it you will figure it out in-game