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  1. Better fix CTF or turn it off, becouse its bugged
  2. 4. And one more CTF event Flags are mixed you spawn as green and need to take flag to red base and all mixed like this. 5. No Giant Codex drop at all 6. Start checking top farm spot there players bot GL to make it as fast as possible
  3. 3. Large Dragon Bone drop? Why so ofthen then all other items its so hard to drop? Why make this Q so easy?
  4. 1. First of all few event zones sucks for shure remove rune castle and catacombs... impossible to find someone. And protect the king how it works. Because we protected our first king and didint get reward wtf? Result was 0:0. 2. Bot report what is coldown? 30mins? For sure? And maybe also make what active GMs can see who is reported because we know what adrenaline can pass this .report function easily.
  5. .ACP

    Dont know then. Make a guide or smth. Becouse i set at 30% mp. ACP clicks mana 2 or 3 times perfect and then just using my pots nonstop. Should i make a video as a proof?
  6. Any date then start to unlocking chest again?
  7. hmm dont know. so you will include them later game on? Becouse atm you cant see then in droplist.
  8. .ACP

    try it if toggle skills for more than 10mins its bugs somehow...
  9. So where is anakim? Soul crystal's? Also, zaken dont drop adenas anymore?
  10. .ACP

    After tp or just after some time its starts to clicking pots non-stop. would be nice to fix it
  11. Hello, have one question why in mid rate server you removed all good drop from here like some realy nice transforms, soul crystal's, swords? No point for hunting chests anymore att stones from chimeras goes faster, and other drop its Giant codex also not really often. So if removed all good stuff increase drop rate,amount of other stuff. And also better remove all this juice buffs its mid rate