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  1. yall actually believe its fake? him in skype
  2. +,if u gonna make it like that either them in npc or make them to be for 2mins cuz it makes no sense
  3. first of all i agree with that point but the best thing to do there is just put buffs coming back in 15 seconds,dont modify the rate either the buffs cuz its the right,btw if u got that setup is garbage
  4. whats wrong with a 100% cancel removing 4-5 buffs? its the right way LOL
  5. u have no idea to who u even speak u dumb algerian random shit lOL
  6. post isnt fake u dumb fck and u never actually won anything against anyone,i won ur party 4 vs 9 at imperial tomb about 10 times in row
  7. yall gonna get ur ass wope prepare the RUSSIAN RAPETRAIN IS HERE