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  1. от души дружище =)
  2. Gang CP

    Perfect! Im glad to see you
  3. Neffle? malaka will be good, if old gang cp start here.
  4. Ворвалась. UP lf one mage group
  5. thx for up 2 fingers players with reskill radar will see in game buy for all partys adrenaline,or u lose
  6. Hello all,we are Russian clan and we start here with 6-8 CP we want rest from x3-x7 server and want see good fun and fights here ! =) Recruiting only one CP 12/9 with good online. Русские ребята проходят вне очереди, кому интересна игра с нами - писать в скайп или в группу вк: contact with me skype: zxzdoggyzxz See in game Some movie from our last server x7: Last pvp server x50: last x20 eu: