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  1. it's only you they working fine for me
  2. Anakazel(rift) = 15% i think it's low maybe 50/50 chance is good
  3. it's pts and you're just random don't know defr between the java and pts so don't join go play mario
  4. i tottaly agree with you i tried to test spoil drop but rates are for low rate server
  5. it's mage server so what did you expact but dosn't matter for me i'll play archer pack even if you remove db i play with a grade
  6. KCG

    gl but i don't know if you know this server is craft not custom pvp
  7. fangs drop is 1 and not 100% sometimes i kill 5/6mobs to got 1fang any info about it ? even the drop is not x10 it's x1 check please i made screen https://postimg.cc/image/eiqq05t17/
  8. with this cancel i give server 10days max before it die maybe less
  9. this is bullshit just make a pull then and that's it this cancel will fucked up other classes there will be no archers no other mage classes
  10. just make buffs come back after 10/15secs better for all everybody saying this onnly one person saying defr (treshak)
  11. that setup is suggetion only btw im playing archer pack about buffs coming back after 15sec is good
  12. the problem it's unbalance for server with buffs 20 slots example let's say cp setup is 1domi 2bp's 1walord 5sps = 5cancels = 0buffs