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  1. can you send me your skype private?
  2. speak at facebook .. i want to speak with you !
  3. We had a small issue error , we are back online very soon
  4. No try to connect again...! one problem with login .. but if you try sometimes , and you will go in !! we will fix that at morning ! But you can login .... try it sometimes
  5. we have an error ... we are back very soon ...!
  6. Pailaka Devils Isle

    we will try to fix this ...
  7. yes ... we watch the game ... we want balance !! When players take moirai and vesper , we will put also at donation shop !
  8. We cant ..! You must create new Master Account
  9. salamMYSORAM

    You are welcome
  10. Clan Epsilon

    Kalos Irthate pedia ...! Balte ta dunata sas giati mazeutikan poloi rwsoi !! Tha einai diskola ... na kserete
  11. We are organizing one very good tournament !! Stay Tuned..!
  12. BombDaCity

    you are welcome , send me your crest for Hall of Fame on site , and your email ...!
  13. SouthStars Clan is Here

    Welcome !! Dont pissed them all
  14. LagouritoCP

    You Are welcome !! We wil make some GvG for good CPs ... Stay tuned...!!
  15. TsouTsouMan

    You are Welcome !! Send me in private msg your CP crest for the Hall of Fame