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  1. Drop\spoil

    I thought that you've adjusted the droplists to x5 rates but it seems it's the x1 ones, so now everything seems to be ok. Thanx!!
  2. Drop\spoil

    I did some tests and unless i was really lucky with the spoil, the rates are ok, the problem is with droplist of each mob, that is way too low. It seems that if you search in the database for something, the chances are closer to reality than check directly the droplist from a mob.
  3. Drop\spoil

    I totally agree with Fate, drop/spoil are way low, not a chance this is x5
  4. Same goes for the client too, those links should work by now, it's the day obt starts. Just saying!! At least we know it's a typical greek server, you don't know what to expect until the very last moment!!
  5. I click on the link to download the system files but it just opens a new tab and does nothing...