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  1. you can get ews from soa or bridge the chances are normal for a x10 server
  2. Wings of Sand is completely offical and we will not mdifiy quests to custom. Quests like Don't Know Don't Care is also offical you can even drop Vorpal items from there and mid-grade weapons.
  3. we will check it during the week
  4. Frenzy & Battle roar not working

    Frenzy is working fine, Battle roar having some issue with it that will get fixed soon.
  5. Weed Clan - Brazileiro

    Welcome to the server
  6. Well we didn't do it so on the first days you will be able to get Anakim and Soul Crystals so easy
  7. .ACP

    We tested and checked the .acp for days and there is no problem to it.
  8. .ACP

    .acp is working good. you just need to select the potions and select the reuse settings.
  9. We did not removed drop. The drops are retail like.
  10. server down

    It will be up very shortly
  11. server down

    Server is off from 20 minutes and i would ask please to remain calm and the server will get fixed pretty fast. we are doing our best to fix the issue.
  12. Sorry but we dont have an exact time because it can be 10 minutes it can be 30.
  13. Please patience guys we also want to fix as soon as we can. We are just performing a big DDOS attack that caused some problems on our HTML thats why ALB+B and NPC chat was not working . Please remain calm it will get fixed soon
  14. Pailaka Devils Isle

    We are working on the issue because we cannot find a problem on the Instance side. It will be possible soon!