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  1. Hello dear players. In order to get your vote reward successfully in game you need to do some action, as unfortunately L2Topzone still does not support IPv6 (which some of you may have). We understand that this may be frustrating to you, as you are all used with the classic .getreward command, but this is an option that we are NOT going to enable, as it's exposing Server's Real IP to the world and makes it vulnerable to DDOS attacks.. Solution for now is to disable it. It will not affect anything on your Pcs. 1. Right click your network connections icon in the right bottom corner of your PC and click on Open Network & Internet Settings 2. Next click in the button as you can see in the image below 3. Right click your Internet Connection and choose Properties 4. Un-tick the Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) and click OK 5. Done. Try now to get your reward.
  2. Updates and Fixes during the Open Beta Stage. Added Clan Penalty for leaving or dissmising from Clan. PTS Skill's Engine. Added New Invidual Skill Enchantment from the Donation Store. All farming zones are PTS. Don't Know Don't Care Quest reworked to improve Clan and Parties Daily activities. .dressme Fixed and working as it should. Olympiad Geodata updated and fixed to improve better gameplay when you are inside arenas. Added New Clan Auto Rewards from NPC in Giran. Added Challange System. You will be able to accept daily challanges and get rewarded. Added .stream command for streamers and hourly reward. Added Master Account system from Website. Added GvG Tournament event Starting at 11/06/2018. Ant Queen will be Alive from tomorrow. Epics Will be avaiable from next week. Olympiad Starting date: Monday 21 of May First Server sieges: Sunday 20 of May
  3. In order to play our server you are going to need a Master Account! To register is pretty simple 1: Visit our website and click on Master Account! 2: By opening Master Account you will be redirected to the Account page, Click on Create new account to start Creating your Master Account. 3: Register your Master Account 4: After your put all your information you will get a text file with all your Master Account informations. Scroll down the page and click on Sing In to access your Master Account. 5: Log into your Master Account with the information that you chossed and you will be redirected to your Master Account control panel. To be able to access into our server you will need to have a Game-Account. 6: Create your In-Game Account. 7: Now you are able to join in game and play our server. Good Luck