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Lineage 2 TheGame is glad to present to all players worldwide a big 9vs9 GvG Tournament.

Prizes: All the participants of the GvG Tournaments will be rewarded with 450 FA each party (50FA per player)
 1st Place: Will be rewarded with 200$ (Dollars)
 2nd Place: Will be rewarded with 1000 DC (Donation Coins)
3rd Place: Will be rewarded with 500 DC (Donation Coins)


Tournament will be held in 3 Different stages:

  • First stage is the Elimination stage which will start at 11/06/2018. On this stage parties gonna fight in the system BO1 (Best of 1).
  • The party that will win the fight will go to the next stage. For the parties that gonna lose , there might be a chance to make   double elimination if the number of participants is enough. 
  • Second stage is the Quarter Finals & Semi Finals which will start at 12/06/2018. On this stage the parties gonna fight in the system BO3(Best of 3). 
  • Third and the last stage of the Tournament is the Finals wich will be held at 13/06/2018. Four of the best parties from the Tournament will fight for the 3rd / 2nd and 1st place.

Tournament requirements & rules:

Participate on GvG tournament avialable only for L2TheGame players.
Prizes will be issued 2-3 days after the Finals of the GvG Tournament. Prizes will be issued after we are convinced that the team is really playing on the project.
The setup: 
No Restriction  note: Max 2 Healers , 1 Dominator/Doomcryer , 2 Tank
Armors & Weapons: No Restriction
Hero weapons & skills: Forbidden
Blessed Resurection scrolls: 5 per each party per 1 fight
Potions: CP/MP/HP Potions only (Qhp's are Forbidden)
For the period of the tournament will be available this locations:
Avaiable arenas to chosse for the matches: 

  • Baium Arena
  • Wastelands
  • Darion Room
  • Frintezza Room
  • Coliseum
  • Underground Coliseum

To prepare for the battle, the teams will be called 20-30 minutes before match.
Groups can select up to 9 characters + 1 substitute.
Transformations allowed only class/subclass certifications any other transformation is forbidden.


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